Compression Socks

Something I often get asked, is why I always wear compression socks while running.  The short answer is, my legs feel better when I wear them.  The long answer is waaaaay more scientific. And since I am no scientist, I am going to share some info with you! 

This is from Tiux, a great company that makes compression socks.  And if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have the great pleasure of being an ambassador for them!

Without further ado here is the more scientific reason why I wear them:

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.05.08 PM.png

I have been wearing compression socks since I started running, and let me tell you I have purchased my fair share of them.  It is so important to shop around and see what works best for you. But in complete honesty, TIUX is by far my favourite brand.  They fit me so well, they go up high enough, and are snug that I never have to worry about them falling or sliding down (an issue I have had with other brands), seriously, it is such a pain to have to adjust or be uncomfortable with your socks mid run.


The compression in these ones are also so great, enough that I feel supported while running, and not to much that they bother me while recovering. And while I am on the recovery note, I have seen/felt a tremendous difference in my legs during recover since using these guys! My legs bounce back faster then I am used to, which is also great, since I am increasing speed, and distance.



If I’ve now got you intrigued enough, head over to my instagram page and enter to win a FREE pair of TIUX endurance socks!!



For an extra entry leave me a comment, and tell me your favourite way to recover after a hard work-out! (yes having beer and pizza can count!)





*this post is sponsored by Tiux, but all opinions are my own*

2 thoughts on “Compression Socks

  1. My favorite way to recover is with a hot mug of coffee and an ice bath! I started them in high school thanks to the suggestion of my cross country coach and I’ve had a love hate/relationship with them ever since!

    *Pizza and beer is a close second, though 😉


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