Toronto Waterfront 10k Recap

Hi friends! It has been pretty quiet over here lately. Mostly because my days have been jammed packed, and I haven’t had much to say!

But I’m back, with a race recap that I am so excited to share with you!

This past weekend I raced (I use that term very loosely) a 10k, which I haven’t actually done in over 2 years! I forgot how awesome and challenging this distance is!

I was pretty excited when I heard Lululemon was taking over the Toronto Waterfront 10k, and I knew it was a race I had to do, plus it was only $40.00 so how could I not! I ended up convincing one of my best friends to join in, and to my surprise she said yes! and then convinced her mom, dad, and sister to join in on the fun.

Once I was registered, I kind of forgot that I should be training for my time goal, but I was starting my base build for Chicago Marathon, and forgot. SO 2 weeks before race day I started with some speed work, but I think it was too little, too late.

The plan was to drive down to Toronto first thing Saturday am, we left Cambridge at 5am. I had a light breakfast that included a protein shake, granola bar, and Nuun Cherry Limeade (for the caffeine). We made it into the city in 1 hour! Which is pretty much unheard of any other time of day, parked the car, and was able to take some photos in Nathan Phillip’s Square. Kristen’s parents and sister were staying at the hotel across the street, so we hung out there, for an hour, peed multiple times in REAL bathrooms, got our bibs and check bags and then headed towards the start.


I didn’t bring a water bottle with me to the start line (epic fail #1) I have no reason for this. I actually just forgot to bring a throw away one. I also forgot sunglasses (epic fail #2) because I was still convinced it was going to rain. Thankfully, they had a water table set up, so I tried to keep hydrated in the already humid conditions.

We took some time to stretch, and help calm our nerves, Kristen was impressively in good spirits before her FIRST ever race, I on the other hand felt like I was going to nervous barf.


When it was closer to the start time, I headed off to my corral, and Kristen went to hers to meet her family. I anxiously wiggled until it was go time. I had myself positioned behind the 50min pacer, but a head of the 55min one.


I knew I was in trouble the first mile in, my mouth was so dry, I couldn’t get into a nice rhythm, and I was already hot as heck. My plan to stay close to the 50min pacer fell off after mile 2. You think by now, I would have leant my lesson to not follow them, because they always always start off way to fast. My first mile I averaged 7.50min. and this was having them a few yards a head at all times, had I not been so worn out, I would have run that sub 50min 10k! Next race I won’t be following a pacer, and I’ll actually have a race plan.

Once I got the pacers out of my head, and decided just to run, I did slightly better, I slowly found a rhythm, and since it was so hot and humid, I decided I’d walk for a few seconds if I had to, and run as much as I could. Water stations were every 3km, easily could have been every 2km, I took a sip of gatorade (races please stop using this stuff) at km 3 and 6 because I felt so crappy, along with a cup of water to drink, and one to pour over my head.

The cheer stations were incredible, and the course was great, in my opinion.  It was really cool to see and hear some of the elite athletes finishing the race when I was at the 6km-ish mark.  I mean if they could finish in 30mins in that heat and humidity, than surely I could keep plugging away.


The other great part was, since we ran past the finish line and loop going up, I could recognize how much further I had to go, and play a little mental game to get me to the end. By the time I could see the clock, I knew it was going to be really hard to get in at the 55min mark, but I pushed as hard as I could anyways. 56.13, it’s my new official PR, however, unofficially I have run a 10k faster. Just means I will have to try again soon!


Post race, we got our medals, and bananas, water and of course the donuts! Such a fun post race treat. I slowly made my way through the photo line, got my picture taken, and continued on into the post race party, where they had so many fun things set up, including yoga, coffee and food trucks!

I, what seemed like a while but in reality was only maybe 10mins, met up with the rest of the crew, wandered around, had some samples and made our way back to the start line via the shuttle. This was actually so amazing and convenient to use, so worth the $5.00 charge.


Overall this was such a great race, when you take out the uncontrollable variables (heat and humidity) or maybe I am just a sissy, ha! But I will totally be doing this race again next year, and selfishly don’t want to encourage more people to do it, but you all totally should!

Oh and in case you were wondering, here is what was in our race kits, this shirt alone, is valued at more than the race entry fee, and it’s my style, black on black! Well done Lululemon, well done!




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