Gift Guide- Teacher/ Coach

When I am making my gift lists, I typically save the hardest for last, and I hate admitting it, but this year it was my teacher, and coach gift that had me stuck.  Sure, we could go the gift card route (which there is nothing wrong with) but this season had me thinking about getting them something a little more special!

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May Goals

Does anyone else out there make monthly goals? I loved how it helped me last month, and so I think I am going to do it again for May!!

With no races on my schedule, yet, I am taking time to do a lot more strength training this month.  My focus will be mostly on building muscle, while still keeping up with higher weekly running distances.  I don’t want to lose everything I have worked so hard to get! And am really hoping that I can gain a significant 10km PR in June.

My plan is to follow a similar structure as April.  5 training runs a week, mixed with upper and lower body workouts, and then 2 rest days, that will actually be 1 mile run days.

I managed a 30 day run streak, and took one rest day, and now I’m back at it, run a little bit every.single. day.

You will never know what you are capable of if you don’t just try!