Friday FIVE

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite movies/documentaries I have watched throughout this training cycle. As I have mentioned before, I did about 90% of my training for this marathon on the treadmill, and I found that having something captivating to watch most definitely made those long runs a lot better!

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April Goals

I’ve decided that if I write down my goals, and share them, I will be accountable to you guys and therefore more likely to complete them! I often struggle with hitting each run in my training plan, because frankly, I don’t schedule it in, and then try to scramble to make enough time for each run throughout the week.

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Happy Monday! 

Yes Monday may almost be over, but there is still some time to share some love today! 

Last week I decided I need to get refocused and dedicated to my training. Our youngest had be battling an infection, so with Doctor trips, limited sleep and a crabby girl I didn’t get a run in until Wednesday. 

Turned out to be a beautiful “spring” like day and I put on my shorts and jacket and had a great stiller pushing, Doberman paced run! It felt so good, really it was a run that my soul needed! 

I may have picked our 4 year old up from school in my gear, and she was less than impressed! 

Thursday I did a HITT workout during nap time.  

Friday I was feeling good, after lunch and putting the little down for a nap I got ready to tackle a treadmill run. It had dawned on me that Phoenix is 3 ish weeks away and I was not running the distance o needed to be! So I found a documentary I had been wanting to watch (I’m a docu sucker, lame I know) and got my nuun ready, as well as my Gu’s.

My plan was to run at a comfortable pace and just get in the zone. I ended up feeling so good and focused, that by 1 hour mark, I decided to work on speed for my last half hour! 

I ended up clocking 15kms! My personal best for a treadmill run, my pace was slower than I want to race, but I was amped that I got it done. 

Saturday I did a 3km run to get my legs loose. And finished the week with a 5km run! 

I am so happy with my mental progress this week, I’m just going to build on it and get ready for my half marathon on he 27!! 

Now for the fun part!! As you may know, I am an ambassador for nuun hydration! I started using these tabs while training for my very first race, and have been swearing by them ever since! So it’s not only a privledge to be part of their team, it’s a product I stand behind! 

They have just release a discount code for us to share! Hopefully you will give them a try, and love the drinks as much as I do! 

Head on over too and after shopping enter promo code: sharethenuun  

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