Moon In June

Somehow I missed posting this!!

Last weekend (June 4) I ran a evening 5km race, and it was pretty much amazing!!!

It was a local-isa race held in Burlington, they do a kids festival (which had more hype then it was worth) and then the race, 1km kid run, 5km and 10km race.  And an after party, which we didn’t stay for because the baby needed to go to bed!!

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Santa Pursuit

I’m pretty lucky to come from an active family, and one that is filled with runners, or ones who are willing to race regardless of their feelings toward running!

My bro-in-law had mentioned doing a local Santa race, and I had been eyeing one where Santa suits were manditory!! So I gathered up my husband and youngest sister and we got ready to race!

Because I am the queen of procrastinating I missed online registration, so we headed to the start early to get us all registered! Luckily they had lots of spots and suits left!

We got geared up, and had some time to kill before the race started.

 Waiting for the start

Race started at 10am, and this mild weather we’ve been having was perfect for racing in.

I initially wanted to run together, but last mintue change, my bil and I started at a faster pace then my hubs and sis. Spoiler alert, Josh finished before me, by 30 secs.

It was a nice easy course, but as I haven’t been running very much at all lately I was a little off my game! We tried keeping about a 5min/km pace, that was really pushing it for me, by 3km I told my bil to go on a head without me. Around the 4km mark I was feeling pretty guilty that I didn’t didn’t stay with Josh and my sis, so I was planning on finishing and then going to meet them and run the end with them! My guilt didn’t last long!! Josh was at the finish waiting for me!! Our official times were only 30 secs apart!  So proud of my non runner husband!!! And I got a large dose of humility too!  My sis came in just under 2 mins after!

We all ended up having a blast and are planning on making it a Christmas tradition!! It was pretty awesome to be surrounded by over 600 Santas!

 Mid-race, sorry for the hazy picture, but this is just a peak at the Santas running! 

My 2015 race season is now officially over!! And am looking forward to what 2016 will bring!