Food Friday

Friday is here!! This week seemed to just fly by! Mostly because it was a short week, and we have been doing so much around the house!

I thought before the weekend officially arrived, and you all went out to get your weekly groceries I would share one of our current go to meals, that also acts as a hubby’s “Lunch 1” for the week.

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Protein morning muffins 

As much as I love food, and eating, I am finding it tricky to get enough food and calories in me for how much I burn while running.

Week day mornings are especially tricky, when I’m rushing around trying to get to school drop off in time.

I came up with this recipe as a quick grab and go meal. Packed with high protein and Carbs it’s perfect for filling me up before I head out the door.
Protein Apple “muffins”

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