Gift Guide- Runner

Can you feel it? Christmas is coming, it’s really just only weeks away, and I am so excited! I hope you all have started your shopping, and maybe even lucked out with some great deals over Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, and everything else in-between!Ā  Continue reading

Friday Five

I am so glad it’s Friday, we are gearing up for our family vacation, and I am so ready for the sun! 

It just so happens that our Arizona vacation falls perfectly inline with he Phoenix marathon, while I am only doing the half, I am excited to mark off my first international race, and what better place to do it! I LOVE Phoenix, and have been lucky enough to travel there once a year for the past 7 years! 

Typically I am a procrastinator, and guess what, I still hace some packing to do before we leave tomorrow. However, I have made sure to pack my essential race, and running items!

1. Hydration and pre-race snack  

  I can always count on nuun energy to hydrate me, especially race morning, it gives me the caffeine boost I need, without the same bodily effects coffee and running have on me (TMI sorry). Recently during a training run I tried honey stinger waffles, and not only did it taste amazing, but it was a great fuel source for me, I plan to eat it while waiting for the race to start. 

2. Race day Gu’s

  I opted for salted watermelon and espresso. I don’t plan on using all of them for the half, but no harm in packing all of them just in case! 

3. Race Hygiene ( wasn’t sure what else to call it)  

  I try not to wash my hair more then once a week, and usually only have to dry shampoo once a week as well! But it is a must use post race, it really helps just to freshen up. I love the sent of Pantene as well it works great for dark hair, I find it doesn’t leave white residue like other brands. My go to deodorant is from a Toronto brand called Love Fresh, it’s amazing! 

4. Race Gear 

Not shown, clearly my outfit/shoes. Love my Garmin, even though it’s the most basic watch, it does the job! It tracks my pace, and I haven’t got my km to mile conversion down so this will help! I got these yourbuds before the Nike Toronto race, I was in desperate need of new ones, and we grabbed these at the expo, I was uncertain how I felt about them at first, but they were a great investment! And of course my flipbelt! My hubby got me this for Christmas, and I have only used it a couple times, but am looking forward to carrying all my essentials in it race day, as well as my phone. Normally I shove that down my sports bra but it’s called for record heat race day, and I’d rathe it not be a sweaty mess! 

5. Post race care 

  I know my knees and hips will be hurting post-race, and “VoltarenĀ® Gel is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for the relief of joint pain of osteoarthritis in the knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists, and hands.” While studies haven’t been done for hips, it works for me. ( as I am not a medical professional, please speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before using this product.  These are my personal options and the product may not be right for you) I will probably use it just before heading home post race, and again before we fly out on Sunday! 

I wish I had room to bring my foam roller with us, but I don’t! This foot ball is amazing, and I use it daily already, it can be used for legs and back too, it just is a little trickier! 

And those my friends are my 5 picks for travel race day! I am counting down the days to phxmarathon, I am hopeful to PR but I really just want to run it happy!