Run Club

Last night marked our first official run club meeting! Now by no means am I even close to being a professional running coach, but I am so passionate about it, and wanted to help encourage other women to start chasing their dreams!

There ended up being 5 of us from all athletic abilities! We started off with some stretching and then hit the ground for a 30min walk/run and then stretched it out after we made it back!

We ended up doing 3.34km which I think is such a great place to start! A couple a the girls were doing great and pushed through a “walk break” and ran for 2.5mins! This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but when you are just starting out running it’s a great accomplishment.

Next week we will work on our endurance and push for further distance!   I can’t wait to see everyone’s progress over the next few weeks!

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