A Look at November

While October was faced with many challenges, hard decisions and tough runs, I am so excited that November is here! It’s a new month, with new goals, and my eyes are set high, and so focused. 

I shared a couple weeks ago here, about falling out of love with running, and that came from my really crappy marathon training, and then I let go of running that fall full.  Friends that was honestly the best decision I have made in a while.  Let’s be real, I still love running an am running my THIRD half this Sunday, and I CANNOT wait.  I have trained and run, and am mentally prepared to have a FUN morning on the roads.  Do I have a time goal in mind? Of Course, will I be upset if I don’t hit my A goal, probably not! The reason of that is, because I am glad to just be able to run! Some people long to be able to run, and even walk, so for that, I am thankful. And will run for those who can’t. Also this race is where I did my fist half last year, so it is exciting to go back to it.

November also brings on that sweet anticipation of Christmas! The red cups, and gift giving, twinkling lights, christmas smells, and families gathered around food! It is all my favourite, and it is all starting now!

But before I jump to December, I have to make it through November, I’ll be focused on my half, and then recovery. But after that I am so looking forward to putting in A LOT of speed work!! I have a 5km time goal, that I have slowly been working at, ANY tips for speed are greatly appreciated! I have 4 weeks post Half until Race Day, and I need my feet fast and reliable.

Setting goals, and making lists is giving me so much more focus, and determination.  I find when you wander day to day without being intentional, a lot can be lost.

So make some time today, on the first of November, to be intentional.  Write down your goals, be it big or small.  Make those lists, and focus on the day.

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