Mother’s Day Traditions

May is here, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Last year my husband and I decided that because our oldest was old enough to have strong opinions, and loves picking out gifts, we would let her do the shopping.

So one night after work, my husband and daughter went out on a shopping date! He did it close to mother’s day, as she was not ( and still isn’t) the best at keeping surprises!

So they hit up my favourite department store, The Bay, and she went to town!! My husband thought that perhaps she would pick out a shirt, or dress or something for the home, but no chance.  She can across a Canadian beach towel and declared that it was “the perfect gift for mom, and she would love it”.

And I most certainly did.  Not only because I do love beach towels, but because the gift was chosen with special care from the girl who made me a Mama.

I am eagerly waiting to see what she chooses for me this year. I know for certain that it will be just as special!

Do you and your families have any special mother’s day traditions? I would love to know some other fun things people are doing with their kids!

And if you are short on ideas for the mother in your life, here are some of my top picks!



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