Monday Motivation

As some of you may have noticed, I took a short hiatus from blogging. Why you may ask? I have been so busy trying to get into my new fall rhythms, it just has taken up a spot on the back burner. 

Like most things in life, there is and ebb and flow, and I am trying to get back into that flow.

But here is what I want to focus on today: Starting to Run! It is a scary thing to start doing, like anything new.  But what is even more scary is seeing other runners times, and efforts and social media brags.  I know it is all part of the fun, and encouragement of the community, but as a new runner, it can be scary!!

When I started, I was nervous about sharing my times, or my training, because frankly, they were not near as good, or committed as others I followed.  It was hard to stay motivated, when others were running further and faster than I was.  But lean in real quick, running isn’t about what others are capable of! It is about what YOU are capable of!! You will find that as soon as you stop comparing (joy thief) your runs and workouts to others, you will be so much more proud of your own accomplishments.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.17.04 PM.png

Yes, for some of us, reaching time goals, and distances is part of the fun, but there is so much more joy in running than in PRs, and medals (maybe not the medal part, because who doesn’t like a little bling).  For real though, I think that part of my problem during this training period is that I am to focused on the time goal, and PR’ing, that I am completely forgetting why I love running so much.

The great thing I have found within the running community is that (most) runners of all skills and abilities want to help encourage others, and that is just part of the spirit of running.  It is a solo sport, but when you have a team standing behind you, it makes it so much better.

I know for me personally, there is nothing that would bring me joy than to see and encourage someone else on their run journey.  It’s about taking that first step, and starting, even if you only make it to the end of the street. It is a start, and soon you will be placing one foot in front of the other, for one more mile, and one more mile, and then before you know it you’ve just run a 5k.  It is hard, and it does take time, and commitment, but you will get there!

So if you need some reasons to run, or to fall in love with running, here are some of my favourite:

  1. personal strength, you can do anything you set your mind to
  2. the views, nothing is better to me than a quiet sunset run
  3. do it for those who can’t, you have an abled body, no excuses
  4. Set a goal and reach it, and then smash it.
  5.  Do it for self-care, you’ll be a better mom, dad, friend because of it.


What are some reasons you love running, or fitness? And if you are on the fence about starting, what is holding you back?




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