Weekly Recap

If I thought last week was bad, I’d say this week was worse. And that is not the feeling you want to have going into your last week of marathon training!!

I am a google addict, and I google anything and everything in hopes that it will help with anxiety of the unknown. I also think that this can backfire.  Sure I have heard about the ill effects of taper, and taper tantrums, but it wasn’t until I started reading more and more about that, that I started feeling these things come along.  If you haven’t googled about emotional effects of a taper, DON’T DO IT!!!

I was crazy all week! And extra extra hungry ( I’m always hungry). SO with lots of crazy emotions , and hunger, I was tapering off of my miles and gearing up for Sunday.

Here is how the week looked:

April 17: was supposed to be a Fartlek session, my calf wasn’t feeling it, so it was 1mile easy run
April 18- we celebrated my Dad-in-law being three years cancer free! and Gatsby’s 2nd birthday! The night ended with a 5km tempt goal pace.  This run felt good!! The air smelt like rain, and I remembered why I love running

April 19-I had planned to do a long run on the treadmill, my last long run of this training cycle, but in all honesty my heart was no where in it. I was so frustrated , and was pretty sure I just wanted to throw in the towel!
April 20-5km Fartlek make up session, again not a good one. But Ice baths have become my new favourite!

April 21-1 mile easy run
April 22-After a very frustrating week, my hubs and I got the kids to bed at a good time, and I got gear up for an evening run.  Sunset runs are my most favourite, Gatsby and I raced the setting sun, and had a great 7.1km run!

April 23- easy easy easy 1mile shake out run. And a date night with my hubs to get my favourite pre race meal!


Check back tomorrow for my full marathon recap!!!

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